Security Trainings


Security Training also known as “Awarness Training” involves everyone to find digital, physical and social vulnerabilities that need to be patched.

Security trainings are exercises in which G&R cybersecurity experts visit your companies premise and talk about the offensive side of security. We tell you exactly how we break into companies and defeat their digital, physica and social security measures. The purpose of this training is to help train your employees to think more like the attackers thus making them aware of the danger.

Benefits of regular security trainings

The biggest benefit of regular security trainings is that it helps your employees protect all of your business’s assets from attackers. For most enterprises, employees are the first line of defense against attacks or other types of industry espionage. Aware and well-trained employees are able to protect both company hardware and software on the network from attack, as well as other users and its data.

Investing into your workforce offers many benefits to your enterprise. It protects data from being stolen or otherwise compromised and minimizes financial risk incurred with steep fines. As legislations continue to expand, security plays a key role in ensuring compliance with rules that mandate consumer information be kept safe from malicious third parties.

Goal of regular security trainings

The ultimate goal is to boost security awareness and minimize the amount of social engineering attacks that are successful.

Security training also plays an important role by minimizing the risk of damage due to user carelessness. Most data is not stolen due to an inside attacker, but rather through a careless employee clicking a phishing link. Our security trainings help to mitigate risk that these mistakes occur.


Securing your company starts with training your employees. Your employees can either be your greatest weakness or your greatest strength.