Red Teaming


Red Teaming involves a small specialized “Red Team” also known as “Attack Team” executing organized attacks not only against a company’s IT-infrastructure but also against its employees and its physical office locations.

Red Teaming is a security exercise where G&R’s Red Team experts simulate a real attack on your company’s security infrastructure, this includes people, processes, and technology. The purpose of a red teaming assessment is to measure the companies ability to defend itself against various threats. This will include protection, detection, response, and recovery processes.

NOTE: Red Teaming is not a search for vulnerabilities or bugs. Red Teaming is a real life attack simulation and is highly goal orientated.

The goal of a Red Team engagement is to uncover and identify vulnerabilities, threats, and new attack vectors which your penetration test missed.

It is not recommend to hire a Red Team without at least a basic level of security awareness in your organization. Or without having completed a pentest beforehand.