2021 Cybercrime greatest threat to companies worldwide


“Companies worldwide are facing ever larger and more expensive data scandals, an increase in cyber extortion and spoofing incidents, but also higher fines due to stricter data protection regulations and claims for damages.”

Cybercrime has become the biggest threat to businesses worldwide, according to a recent study by insurer Allianz; Cyber attacks and business interruptions, which in turn can be the result of a cyber attack. are in first and second place of the possible threats. The basis is a survey of more than 2,700 risk experts from over 100 countries regarding the most important threats to companies. In addition, (cyber) criminals in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) usually have an “easy game”: Confidential documents and personal data can often be viewed, copied and manipulated almost unprotected. This threatens loss of reputation, legal violations and considerable (financial) damage.

“Cyber incidents are causing ever greater damage. Ransomware attacks are increasingly directed against large companies and the demands for extortion are increasing. Five years ago, it was about tens of thousands of euros, today hackers are increasingly demanding millions of euros,” says Jens Krickhahn, Practice Leader Cyber, AGCS Central and Eastern Europe.

This is why we believe in strengthening your company security awareness from the inside and out. The motto for 2022 should be security by default not by design.